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20th TCI Global Conference

The 20th TCI Global Conference: "The Future of Cluster Through Cross-Country and Cross - region Collaboration" will allow interactions between cluster and competitiveness professionals of multiple countries and regions, looking to exchange experiences and build synergies, to lead to better

  1. Productive development policies – Modern industrial policy.
  2. Experiences in the implementation of these agendas.
  3. Business and joint activities between clusters from different regions and countries.

During the conference participants will also:

  • Evaluate the evolution experienced during the last 20 years in local competitiveness policies and cluster agendas and the results of their implementation, in order to carry out a prospective exercise to imagine what the coming 20 years might look like.
  • Understand how competitiveness, innovation, and cluster development is implemented in different contexts around the world.
  • Discuss the relevance for global development of local competitiveness agendas implemented in developing countries.
  • Show the progress of Colombia and especially of Bogota in the implementation of its Productive Development Policy (Modern Industrial Policy) through cluster agendas, amid a promising scenario arising from the ending of a conflict that has affected the country for more than 50 years.

In order to achieve these goals, plenary sessions will be held with keynote addresses and conversation panels with experts in each subject that will be the perfect backdrop for the parallel sessions, in which each theme will be discussed in participatory workshops designed to allow all those attending the conference to share and contribute to the dialogue.

Please find more on the event here as well as information on the open call for proposals. The programme of the conference is now available here.

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