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4th BSR STARS Cluster-to-Cluster Conference and Matchmaking


Internationalisation – the Strategic Way   

Europe’s premier meeting event for clusters returns. Last year’s conference in Copenhagen attracted more than 150 clusters from 32 countries resulting in 544 cluster-to-cluster matchmaking meetings. The last two years the event has been sold out. The 4th edition will be just as exciting.

What to expect
Excellent matchmaking opportunities with Europe’s leading cluster organisations; Lots of networking opportunities; a thrilling interactive programme and a vibrant atmosphere.

Who can participate
Cluster mangers and key cluster staff from clusters with at least a bronze label according to the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).

Who can you meet
Cluster managers from all of Europe. The event is for cluster managers and key staff. 150 clusters are expected to participate. The aim of the conference is to create a space where cluster managers can meet,
network and build common projects.

Two rounds of cluster-to-cluster matchmaking Pre-planned and pre-booked meetings between the participants. You can book (or be booked for) up to seven meetings with clusters of your own choice. The
matchmaking is powered by Enterprise Europe Network.

A unique venue
Matchmaking, networking and knowledge sharing require the right surroundings. We have found that in the heart of Warsaw. The mansion Endorfina Foksal was built in 1875 and has successfully been turned into a top-modern spacious conference venue.

Endorfina Foksal, Konstanty Zamoyski Palace // ul. Foksal 2 // 00-366 Warsaw

What to do
Register at www.b2match.eu/cluster-matchmaking-2016



We have hand-picked the best speakers:

Werner Pamminger, CEO at Clusterland Upper Austria: Werner will present insights into the international journey of Clusterland, one of Europe’s leading cluster organisations. For a number of years he was cluster manager at Clusterland - Plastics Cluster so he has in-depth and hands-on knowledge of international activities.
Emily Wise, Lund University: Over the last four years many Innovation Express projects have been launched within the Baltic Sea Region. Emily has followed and evaluated these projects and will share the key learnings
Jacob Mogensen, Cluster Manager of the Danish Innovation Network for BioMass (INBIOM): INBIOM has great international results both within Europe and beyond. Jacob will showcase their successful work on bridging the gap between the Danish and Chinese biomass industry and reveal the true story behind the success.
Simon Poulsen, Coordinator Enterprise Europe Network: With more than 150 funded EU-projects Simon is one Europe’s leading fundraising experts. Many of the projects involve clusters. He will share his best tips and tricks on EU-funding while facilitating our International Project Labs.
– and many more!

For further information, please contact  

Kaspar Nielsen 
Cluster Excellence Denmark
+45 50 94 93 33

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