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9th annual BlueTech Week

Registration for the 9th annual BlueTech Week is open.  Visit https://www.bluetechweek.org/ to find information and to register.

BlueTech Week 2017 is scheduled for 6-10 Nov. 2017 in San Diego, CA.  Last year there were just under 400 attendees from 10 countries at 6 events over 5 days.  There will be 7 events over 5 days in 2017 and an expected 450+ attendees.  The theme in 2017 is “Smart Ocean, Smart Water”.  On Monday, Nov. 6 we will hold a by-invitation BlueTech Cluster Gathering for the 3rd year.  Tuesday, Nov. 7 is a one-day event co-hosted with SIO focused on “The intersection of the Blue Economy and the Space Economy”.   Wednesday-Thursday, Nov. 8-9 will focus on Smart Ocean, Smart Ports, Smart Shipping and Smart Water.  On Friday, Nov. 10 for the 2nd year there will be a BlueTech PitchFest with innovative SMEs.  To get a sense of BlueTech Week, look at the 3½ minute video on YouTube located at:  https://youtu.be/YUG_HvSL8xw?list=PLsnBJzB9G_q99-KX67WH2sR5_kgSRpVh9.  

Last year 11 existing or in formation clusters from 8 countries participated in the BlueTech Cluster Convening and the Week.  This year, representatives of 15-18 organized clusters and clusters in formation are expected from at least 8-10 countries.  In addition, 8 U.S. states are planning to participate.  These will be predominantly ocean tech clusters, but also several water tech clusters. 

For more information, please contact:  Michael B. Jones - President at [email protected] . 



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