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Clusters, Social Challenges and Shared Value

Organised by SPRI and facilitated by the Basque Institute of Competitiveness, ORKESTRA, this workshop with clusters in the Basque Country aims at exploring their role in addressing societal challenges and their relevance in the creation of shared value.

The increase in popularity of territorial strategies (e.g. RIS3) has coincided with an expansion of the approach to economic development policies from purely economic considerations (productivity, GDP growth), to include social and environmental considerations ("beyond the GDP"). In this framework, the new competitiveness and innovation policies require strengthening the collaboration bridges between the public and private sectors as well as between economic agents and social agents.

This workshop is intended as a starting point to further apply these concepts in practice in the cluster dynamics in the Basque Country.

The themes addressed by the event are: Social impact/Shared value, Skills

Language of the event: Spanish

Expected number of participants: 20

Event website:  https://fs20.formsite.com/spri/form37/index.html

For more information please contact:
+34 94 4037000



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