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EU-Japan Centre Webinar 144: Circular Economy in Japan

Registration deadline: 07/10/2019

The webinar is targeted to EU companies seeking to collaborate with Japanese business in the area of circular economy. 

In 40 minutes from your desk, you will discover:

  • The Japanese circular economy policies (national strategies, recycling policies, waste management rules)
  • The approach to have certifications for products which uses recycled materials
  • What type of circular economy business exists in Japan and the market size
  • What recyclable materials are exported from Japan to what countries


  • Introduction
  • Expert’s presentation
  • Q&A Session
  • Conclusion

Speaker: Chika Aoki-Suzuki - Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) 
Moderator: Gwenael Beauvais - Business Support Coordinator, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Organiser: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation - Brussels Office

Please find more details on the theme and the registration link here.

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