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EXPOWOOD - Diversity. Digitalization. Design. Business    

The PRO WOOD Regional Wood Cluster, partner of EXPOWOOD, the International Fair for Professional Equipment and Technologies, invites you to Brașov, on the 11th and 12th April 2019 to interact within the thematic WORKSHOPS and matchmaking event.

The event will be held during the trade fair, focusing on diversity, digitalisation, design and business in the forest-based industries.  The event will bring together clusters and experts from Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria. Their aim will be to establish a close connection between the suppliers of technology, designers, manufacturers, professionals, engineers, and entrepreneurs within the forest-based industry.  For further information contact us at: [email protected].

Language(s) of the event: English and Romanian    

Expected number of participants:50 - 70

Event website: https://www.expowood.ro/

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/prowoodcluster/https://www.facebook.com/prowoodcluster/

Networking options provided: Matchmaking sessions

Themes for the event: Innovation and creativity, Resource efficiency/ Eco-innovation/ Circular economy, Entrepreneurship




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