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Fintech trends in South-East Asia: What to watch out for

The recent past has seen rapid growth in the internet economy, particularly the mobile internet in South-East Asia.

Fintech-related technology such as ride-sharing, digital payments, and e-commerce makes up a large proportion of this internet economy. In recent years several South-East Asian start-ups have become ‘unicorns’, and have combined value of more than $1 billion. The majority of these are fintech companies involved in app-based commerce.

Join this webinar and explore with the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk and ASPIRE some key aspects that companies should know when doing business in the fintech sector in South-East Asia.

How Fintech is doing in South-East Asia?

  • Main fintech trends: Lending platform / P2P balance sheet / buy now - pay later (consumer) / neobank / difference between B2C/B2B
  • Where are the challenges and opportunities: Legislation in Vietnam, reaction to COVID-19, EU-Vietnam free trade agreement generates new opportunities?
  • What’s going on in other SEA countries & case studies 

What to watch out for?

  • Remember your invention has economic value!
  • What are the ways to protect your fintech invention?
  • Real IP learning examples of fintech SMEs

Guest speaker Dr. Stefano Pellegrino, General Manager of ASPIRE Vietnam will be sharing insights about the fintech industry, while Jonas Lindsay MSci, Patent Attorney at Marks & Clerk Singapore LLP & External Expert of the SEA IPR SME Helpdesk, will be discussing IP concerns related to fintech.

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