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High-level EU Cluster Mission to the USA Including a U.S. – EU Cluster Cooperation and Matchmaking Event & Cluster visits, May 15-19th 2017


The European Cluster Collaboration Platform and BILAT USA 4.0 organised a High-Level EU Cluster Mission to the USA, Including a U.S. – EU Cluster Cooperation and Matchmaking Event, on May 15-19th 2017 during the TechConnect World Innovation Conference, Washington DC.  The Mission included Cluster visits to Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC, enabling EU clusters to develop transatlantic cluster strategic business partnerships.


This mission wasorganised as a follow-up to the EU-US Cooperation Arrangement on Clusters signed  between the U.S Departement of Commerce and DG GROWTH of the European Commission.


The following call for expression of interest was launched to identify a European delegation composed of representatives from cluster organisations from different industry sectors such as:

·         Nanotechnologies,

·         Advanced Materials,

·         Biotechnology & Medical

·         Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

·         Energy and Sustainability

·         Electronics & Microsystems

·         Personal & Home Care, Cosmetics, Foods

·         and other sectors / Key enabling technologies which present opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration involving NMBP sectors (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology & Advanced Manufacturing and Processing)  that are willing and committed to participate in the High-level EU cluster delegation visit to the US and Back-to-back with the Tech Connect World Innovation Conference.

The conditions were explained in the “Call for expression of interest”  and interested participants were asked to fill in the “Cluster Questionnaire” 

Expressions of interest to participate in the mission were submitted electronically by midnight (CET) on the 22nd March 2017.

Participants were asked to include a one-slide presentation of their cluster on the presentation template.

Camille Vidaud, c.vidaud@inno-group.com and/or Eva Fadil, e.fadil@inno-group.com were the contact persons for this event.

An article was published shortly after the event and published here on 22 May 2017.



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Testimonial on the EU cluster mission to the USA

 “The mission has represented a great opportunity to getting aware about innovation and technology development framework in the USA, providing information on several actors with different competences and roles. Since our cluster is involved in the maritime technologies sector, during the matchmaking event we had the possibility to meet three American cluster focused on different maritime and marine topics. The before mentioned meetings helped us understand what they do and gave us the possibility to get more details on maritime topics that we could develop in the future.”

Carlo Kraskovic, Project Manager, Mare FvG, Italy

Testimonial on the EU cluster mission to the USA

 “The matchmaking event in Washington, DC, was efficient for me, as I could discuss some opportunities of collaboration for our cluster and our members. As for the visits, I would be interested to learn more about the access opportunities and mechanisms for European companies to the Manufacturing America program that was presented to us. When visiting the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA, I realized that a number of our cluster’s member companies have already used the incubation and consulting services which were a great information mechanism for them and allowed them to enter the US market for sales whilst growing steadily in the EU. Their testimonials could be a great inspiration for others.”

Peter Simkens, cluster manager of DSP Valley, Belgium

Testimonial on the EU cluster mission to the USA

 “My cluster is active in the fields of Biomedicine, Biotechnology, e-Health and Ambient Assisted Living, so the cluster visits in Philadelphia, PA, which is a hub for life sciences, were of particular interest to me. It was very useful to understand the research and innovation landscape in the USA thanks to the presentations, meetings and visits, as it differs from the system we know from Europe. I am glad I can bring specific information home to my cluster’s member companies: indeed, I could already schedule a concrete appointment for one company that is visiting Boston next week with the group in charge of the Biomanufacturing Program at MIT, and with the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation, two of the organisations met in Boston during our cluster visit.”

Laura Cerni, cluster manager CBM srl, Italy