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Mid-Term Conference– INKREASE Project

Emilia-Romagna Region, as lead partner of the European project INKREASE - INnovation and Knowledge for REgional Actions and SystEms (INTERREG EUROPE Programme), is organising a conference, closing phase 1 of the project, which will take place in Bologna, on 26 March 2019.
The INKREASE project aims to improve the innovation delivery capacity of the 7 participating regions. mainstreaming into the regional strategies advanced policies and tools to increase the capacities of the various innovation ecosystems, effectively reinforcing the collaboration between research, business communities and exploiting the economic valorisation processes of research results (www.interregeurope.eu/inkrease/).
The conference "Regional innovation ecosystems, accelerators of growth and change' will reflect on the role of Regional Innovation Ecosystems (RIS) as accelerators of innovation and growth, increasing awareness especially at the EU level, and the key role they have in maximising the impact of research and innovation policies.
Regional dynamic ecosystems can:
  • facilitate knowledge circulation
  • develop competitive clusters
  • involve SMEs
  • promote cross-industry contamination process
  • promote interregional linkages in specific fields.
The conference will emphasise the potential of RIS for European growth and competitiveness and generate ideas for their further improvement.
Interaction between actors, contamination between different technologies and industries, and connection between different RIS will be encouraged.
The conference will have 3 sessions:
1. Mobilising regional communities for innovation
2. S3 and cross-industry contamination in regional projects
3. Reinforcing interregional co-operation and complementarities
Networking options provided: Participatory session(s)
Themes of the event: Smart specialisation, Entrepreneurship, Cross-sectoral collaboration, Inter-regional EU collaboration


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