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Online Workshop: Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on EU Aerospace and Defence ecosystem

In preparing the needs assessment to inform its Recovery Plan, the European Commission identified 14 industrial ecosystems, representing around 90% of the business value added in the EU.

The ecosystem encompassing aeronautics, space and defence employs around 870 000 highly skilled workers (2.5 million direct and indirect). It generates a turnover of approximatively €250 billion.

This high-tech industry has been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. There have been disruptions in the supply chain, falls in demand, launches getting postponed, to name a few. This, in combination with financial issues is threatening the survival of some of this ecosystem’s businesses.

Space, aeronautics and defence are an expression of Europe’s strategic autonomy and technological sovereignty. As these industrial sectors rely on a complex and long-term development cyclehigh technological intensity, and depend substantially on governmental programmes, this ecosystem has specific needs in the coming years.

Against this backdrop, the Commission’s reflection on how to make Europe's industries more resilient and less dependent, in supply chains and technology, finds a particular resonance in this ecosystem. This reflection, as well as the preparation of the recovery package presented on 27 May, has built on our engagement in dialogue with the actors of the different industrial ecosystems.

It is now the right time to structure this engagement with industry. To this end, DG DEFIS is holding two virtual workshops to address the specific challenges and potential opportunities of this ecosystem.

By bringing together actors across this ecosystem, from large companies to SMEs and start-ups, from research institutes to academia and from associated service providers to technology suppliers, we intend to set up an open, inclusive and geographically balanced forum. Other participants will include Commission representatives and the relevant EU agencies.

Workshop on the Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on EU Aerospace and Defence ecosystem

This workshop will hinge around three sessions dedicated to the three arms of the ecosystem: space, defence and aeronautics. During the session, companies, SMEs, research institutes will be given the floor to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in the changing geopolitical and post-COVID context. Discussions will also contribute to unleashing the potential synergies between the three sectors and to outlining some mitigating and remedial actions. Together, the participants will develop a common view on enhancing the resilience of the ecosystem as a whole.

The workshops will take place on 8 July (14:00-18:00) and 9 July (9:30-13:15)

Register your interest in taking part here before 12.00 CET on 3 July.

View the agenda here.




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