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Opportunities in the South African cotton and wool sectors

The European Union (EU) is South Africa’s largest trading partner, responsible for 30% of South Africa’s imports and 24% of exports in 2019.

The EU is also the largest investor in the country. Last year, South Africa exported $1.3 bn in clothing and textile products globally. Whereas the EU accounts for just 7% of South Africa’s total clothing and textile exports, EU companies absorbed more than 40% of South Africa’s total wool exports in 2019. 

The EU-funded EU-South Africa Partners for Growth project has identified several opportunities in the South African natural fibres industries that may be of interest to EU investors, buyers and providers of technology and equipment.

The project is, therefore, hosting a webinar on the 13 October 2020 (10:00 CET) to highlight recent developments in the South African cotton and clothing retail industry; and to explore business opportunities in the cotton and wool value chains. 

Key business representatives of the South Africa wool, cotton and clothing industries will address the seminar. The webinar will also serve to consider prospects for further engagements between industry representatives in South African and the EU.

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