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The role of innovative regional clusters in the development of tourism

On behalf of the Polish Clusters Association, co-organizing the event, you are invited to participate to the conference entitled 'The role of innovative regional clusters in the development of tourism', that will be held on 5-6 March 2020 in Gudauri, Georgia.

The Visegrad Group countries have been constantly increasing their tourist attractiveness for several years. The offer is becoming richer and more and more diversified. Tourism is an increasingly important sector within the V4 countries' GDP.

The aim of organizing the event is both to share the experience of companies and institutions from the Visegrad Group countries in the development of tourism and recreation, as well as to create a platform for cooperation between the countries of the region and Georgia, which is a new, newly discovered area and tourist destination.

Georgia is a country of great tourist and cultural value. From the point of view of tourism, there are common problems to be solved and common necessary actions, especially in the border areas between Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic, and also in Hungary.

The conference is organized by a consortium within the framework of the project, which received a grant from the International Visegrad Fund.


Project leader - main organizer: Związek Pracodawców Klastry Polskie (Polish Clusters Association), Poland  
Krzysztof Krystowski, President of the Polish Clusters Association. E-mail contact: [email protected] , [email protected].


International Center for Advancement of Research, Technology and Innovation, Georgia
Cluster of Regional Development, Slovakia


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