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SYNERGI 2018: New analytical tools for engineering materials science

Europe has the world´s best portfolio of Advanced Research Infrastructures (ARIs), serving a wide and dynamic academic community of many tens of thousands of scientists every year. These large-scale and unique facilities enable remarkable insights into materials of all types, particularly in engineering materials science. The research infrastructures are open not only for fundamental science, but are increasingly becoming a routine tool exploited for proprietary research by companies.

The goal of SYNERGI2018 is to bring together industrial researchers and facility scientists to discuss topical R&D matters and how they could eventually be addressed using the special techniques provided at Europe’s ARIs, including those represented by the Baltic TRAM network

The projects engaged in SYNERGI2018 offer free feasibility studies to industrial researchers. You cannot solve your problem with a conventional lab equipment? Get free access to Europe´s most powerful neutron- and synchrotron radiation sources.


Thematically, the conference will cover engineering materials science - with such subtopics as automotive or aerospace, metal industry, additive manufacturing, energy sector (solar cells, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, batteries) and microelectronics.

Please register for the matchmaking and create your profile indicating the topics you would like to discuss. Our team of ARI scientists and industrial liaison officers will contact you for meetings. Of course, you are also free to request meetings with the specific participants yourself. Please note, that your profile at the R2B-Matchmaking will only be verified, if you have already registered for SYNERGI2018. 

Organisation of the R2B-Matching is supported by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

Registration closes by the end of 2017. Online registration form is accessible here.



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