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Thermalism Day

The thermal establishments face multiple challenges related to thermal water management, such as maintenance of distribution channels, energy optimisation, or valorisation of thermal water discharges and sludge. to address these challenges, HYDREOS organises, in collaboration with the Fédération Thermale du Grand Est, a one-day event on the topic of thermalism, on the 21st of March 2019 in Amnéville.
The goal:
-discuss the thermalism sector in line with actual needs
-deal with the evolution of consumers’ needs by talking about the innovations in the interest of health, wellbeing, and leisure
-establish contacts between actors with common interests
-develop tracks of future collaborations.
The aim of this event is to gather multiple actors (from thermal establishments, regional and local authorities, research institutions, firms, consultancy firms and institutional bodies) to discuss the thematic areas of:
-corrosion, resource distribution networks
-microbiological characterisation of the sludges: analysis of the bacteriological quality of the sludges
-issues of the legionella: detection, prevention and struggle
-energy optimisation – saving of water resources – recycling of thermal waterdischarges and thermal muds.
In the morning, strategic conferences and feedbacks from thermal establishments will take place, ending with a debate about innovation in line with the key points of thermalism.
During the afternoon, a pitch session will open the discussions and will be followed by thematic workshops held by experts and in line with the thermal establishments needs. Participants will be able to freely take part. the discussions aim to work in a collaborative way on the issues of thermalism.
Name of the organiser: HYDREOS
Language(s) of the event: French
Expected number of participants: 80
Networking options provided: Pitching sessions, Participatory sessions
Themes of the event: Resource efficiency/ Eco-Innovation / Circular Economy, 
For more information please contact:
AnaïsStreit +33 (0)3 83 18 80 52


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