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Turning Climate Transitions Into Practice: Experiments For Change

The latest IPCC Report has highlighted the urgency with which the world needs to change course if it is to meet the climate change challenge. A focus on innovation eco-systems and a systems innovation approach is needed to accelerate the speedy transition to a low-carbon society. Increasingly, this has been the model adopted by Climate-KIC.

Therefore, it's a great moment to bring together a range of actors working on these issues. This Brussels workshop is open to Climate-KIC staff and partners, along with policy-makers and practitioners working on environmental issues. You shall have the opportunity to:

HEAR the latest policy thinking on sustainability transition at a European level

LEARN about some of the key innovation eco-system activities that Climate-KIC and its partners are pursuing

EXPLORE new cluster initiatives and partnerships which could be further undertaken

DEBATE and discuss in a participative forum how these exciting new approaches can be best stimulated and developed




Day 1: Tuesday 4th December






Climate Innovation Ecosystems

The Broader Model of Innovation - How Climate-KIC is taking this forward

Thanh Tam Le, Director for the Mediterranean, Climate-KIC


14:15 – 15:45

Latest policy thinking on sustainability transition within Europe

Climate KIC in the European policy arena

Mike Cherrett, Director, European Affairs

Perspectives from the European Environment Agency

Mike Asquith, Project Manager, Integrated Assessment and Knowledge Development, European Environment Agency

Responding to the Low Carbon Challenge

Peter Berkowitz, Head of Unit, Smart and Sustainable Growth, DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission.



Networking break


16:15 – 17:45

Chair - Cristian Matti, Knowledge and Learning Manager, Climate-KIC

Climate-KIC’s cross-European project initiatives:The emerging picture of cross-European projects

Jon Bloomfield, Systems Innovations Manager, Climate-KIC

New thinking on clusters

Bianca Dragomir, Avaesen, European Cluster Manager of the Year

Mapping of circular economy in cities initiatives

Charlotte Breen, Project Manager, C40

Developing the Circular Economy in Europe's Ports.

Rocio Garcia Molina, Valencia Port Foundation


Early Evening Reception

Day 2: Wednesday 5th December

Developing the Transitions Seed-bed: What the regions and cities are doing

9:30 – 10:30 Overview of Climate KIC’s 2017 Actions and 2018 Activities

A sample of experiences: 3 examples

What lessons are we learning and how can we improve?

Aled Thomas, Innovation Manager, UK and Ireland, Climate-KIC. Julia Panny, RIS Manager.

How KIC's Education activities fit into the System Innovation Agenda.

Christoph Auch, Professional Education Manager, Climate-KIC


Networking break

11:00 – 12:30

Breakout Session: Ideas for 2019. What do Geographies and RIS have in mind?

Reports back

2019 Geographies Bidding Process


Optional networking lunch

The event is free of charge and for more information and registration see here




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