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Is it possible to register with ECCP new founded innovation clusters?

I am writing from Romania on behalf of two newly founded clusters: - CATIO: the first eastern European cluster specialized on oncology innovation - CERTI: a new innovation cluster in IT/tech horizontal We want to expand our network and cooperate with/using ECCP however we are facing organization registration problems within ECCP site due to our newly founded status. Is it possible to register the new clusters and start using the platform ? Thank you !

If it is visible for third parties (through internet research) that you are a cluster organisation (including industry -and particularly SMEs - , research and other members of the policy and regional ecosystem in your cluster), that you perform activities dedicated to the "(a) animation of the cluster to facilitate collaboration, information sharing and the provision or channelling of specialised and customised business support services; (b) marketing of the cluster to increase participation of new undertakings or organisations and to increase visibility; (c) management of the cluster's facilities; and (d) organisation of training programmes, workshop and conferences to support knowledge sharing and networking and transnational cooperation.", that you have a dedicated cluster management for such activities, of course you can profile.
If this is not yet visible or in place, we suggest developing your organisation over the next months and do the profiling at a later stage. There is no added value for the other cluster organisations to search for and find an organisation with little activity and non-relevant members. You can in the meantime use the platform, which is open for almost all functionalities.