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The main challenge to be focused on in South Africa by FoodPackLab will be food security, as it is one of the most important issues in this country since the Listeria outbreak in 2017-2018. With food security as one of the top priority for the government after the Listeria outbreak in 2017-2018, and agriculture as one of the triggers for boosting employment and economic growth, ensuring food security measures in South Africa provides new opportunities for European tech SMEs, especially those working on precision agriculture and water management. Moreover, the policy framework created by the trade agreement in place between the European Union and South Africa ensures structural support for initiatives targeting food sector.

That’s why the FoodPackLab Partnership is iniating collaborations with organizations in South Africa. FoodPackLab has focused on the development of a joint Internationalization strategy defining a joint European strategic vision with a global perspective and common goals and actions towards specific third markets. A continuation of FoodPackLab aims at fostering cross-border and crosssectorial collaboration of clusters and business networks in the strategic field of food security by supporting the implementation, testing and further development of the European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International (ESCP-4i) through the implementation of its planned actions toward selected third countries beyond Europe.

> There seem to be great synergies possible between the different partnerships targeting this country - please use this Forum to exchange on activities planned! Have you already identified potential suitable partners in South Africa?

> Which are the activities planned in your partnership regarding South Africa? Do you have suggestions for other partnerships to exploit synergies?

> Did anyone attend a mission to South Africa? How did you find your counterpart in South Africa? How intensive is the interest of South African clusters to cooperate with European ones? Was it difficult to trigger the first dialogue? Did any ESCP manage to sign a MoU with an South African cluster?

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