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Recap of the week and next improvements (24/05/20)

Recap of the week and next improvements to apply

It was recalled that is planned to have a video-meeting with Terry Breton in some days. We have to prepare the information to present.

Marek raised the question about the meetings during the weekends….shell we continue?.. or can other other alternatives be identified?.

As a result of the challenge put forward to this group (related with value/supply chains among the different areas identified by the comission..) an excel with weights among different sectors/areas as a result of analysis of the information in the eccp platform was presented. This quickly shows the links between the areas identified by the commission. This information is related only with clusters….probably it should be upgraded with other actors and a more carefull work muste be done. Taking that in mind, a questionnaire  was already made and is waiting for the approval of the DG Grow before releasing it. It is expected to have an answer in a few days…this will be distributed among all the actors in Europe.

At the end, the group took the decision to meet only on Saturday’s during the weekend. It was decided to start earlier (9:00) and have a longer meeting (90’).

Check the previous meetings and discover the next sessions.


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