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European Commission: Coronavirus Global Response pledging event

The European Union is joining forces with global partners to kick-start a pledging effort – the Coronavirus Global Response – starting on 4 May 2020. The World Health Organization (WHO) and global health organisations have launched a joint call for action to develop fast and equitable access to safe, quality, effective and affordable diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines against coronavirus.

To raise funds in support of this endeavour, the European Union and its partners will organise a worldwide pledging marathon. Countries and organisations around the world are invited to pledge to help reach the target of €7.5 billion in initial funding.

LinkedIn event: https://www.linkedin.com/events/coronavirusglobalresponse-pledgingevent/

More information and pledges: https://europa.eu/covid19/index_en 

Nina Hoppmann
EUR 7.4 billion raised

Update: By the end of 4 May, the Commission registered €7.4 billion, equivalent to $8 billion, in pledges from donors worldwide during the Coronavirus Global Response pledging event. The aim is to gather significant funding to ensure the collaborative development and universal deployment of diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against coronavirus.

Donors are invited to continue pledging to the Coronavirus Global Response. They can choose which priority to donate to – Test, Treat or Prevent. They can also donate to the horizontal work stream of the Coronavirus Global Response, aiming to help health systems in the world cope with the pandemic.

The Commission will soon announce the breakdown of the amount raised today and how much will go to vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics and health systems strengthening related to COVID-19. (information from: Coronavirus Global Response)


Nina Hoppmann
Kick off of new campaign

The European Commission will go the next steps in the Coronavirus Global Response. Following the pledging marathon, they will launch a new campaign with the international advocacy organisation Global Citizen, “Global Goal: Unite For Our Future”, that will culminate in a Global Pledging Summit on Saturday 27 June.


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