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The new "EU Rapid Alert Function" on disruptions in value/supply chains

At page 13 of their recent Communication "Joint European Roadmap towards lifting COVID-19 containment measures", the European Commission and the European Council communicate the creation of a < rapid alert function to identify supply and value chain disruptions, relying inter alia on existing networks such as Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Clusters, Chambers of Commerce and trade associations, SME Envoys as well as other actors such as the European-level social partners. Best available solutions will be sought to tackle these disruptions, which can have their origin in an asymmetrical lifting of containment measures (inside or outside the EU), the bankruptcy of businesses or third country actor interference. >

Then the European Commission asked the #ECA #EuropeanClustersAlliance Task Force to suggest how it could look like.

Here the presentation made by Veronica Elena Bocci (Coordinator of DITECFER District for Rail Technologies) on April 22nd during ECA Task Force daily meeting: starting from a critical analysis of the few available words above, it provides suggestions on methodology, impact, priorities and 'reaction instruments'.

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