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COMPETE CARIBBEAN - Call for CBT and Agr-tourism Cluster Proposals

The Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (CCPF) in partnership with the Caribbean Tourism Organization will provide technical assistance and support to clusters of firms with initiatives such as:

  • Product/tours development: community-based experiences, food & beverage tours, festivals, culinary experiences, health & wellness, eco-lodging, volunteer tourism, cultural immersion, etc.
  • Local sourcing: Hotels & restaurants work with local farmers/suppliers/artists to increase consistency/quality of supplies needed (eg: ordering process, logistics, payment, credit)
  • Organic production/certification for premium tourism products: traceability, farm-to-table, etc.
  • Digital integration/transformation: online booking/payment, mobile wallet technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, crowdfunding, data analysis, etc.
  • Licensing and certification: Business registration, food handling certificate, insurance, etc.
  • Market research and marketing: online advertising, social media, farm tours, market fair, etc.
A minimum of three entities of which two (2) must be private firms.
Antigua & Barbuda; The Bahamas; Barbados; Belize; Dominica; Grenada; Guyana; Jamaica; St. Kitts & Nevis; St. Lucia; St. Vincent & the Grenadines; Suriname; Trinidad & Tobago.
Project Concept Note (PCN) must be submitted before January 5th, 2020. 
How much?
Selected cluster projects will receive a grant for up to 80% of the total budget to a maximum of USD$400,000. The cluster must contribute a counterpart of 20% (minimum) of the total project cost, half of which can be provided in-kind.

Submission deadline: January 5th, 2020 24:00 AST

Where can I learn more?  

Connect to Webinar: Nov. 21, 2019 14:00 AST

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