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Nano4Health Project - Invitation Final Conference - June 17th 2016

On June 17th 2016, the final conference of the Nano4Health project will be held in Brussels. In this Emerging Industries EU Project, a blue print for cross-sectoral cooperation was designed from the bottom-up. We fostered innovation projects in personalised healthcare at the crossroad of nano- and biotechnology and we introduced the creative industry as facilitator. This final conference will give you an overview of the Nano4Health achievements  together with a ceremony award for the most promising projects. 

When: Friday June 17th 2016

Venue: Auditorium, Ellips Building, Koning Albert II-laan 35, 1030 Brussels 

Registration: Free of charge but mandatory to register here


  • 13h30 Registration
  • 14h00 Welcome - L Apers, Coördinator Nano4Health
  • 14h10 Nano4Health Achievements - H. Joos , Director FlandersBio
  • 14h30 Fast Track to Innovation: Project Pitches - Project Owners Nano4Health spiders
  • 15h15 Panel Discussion - Government,  Clusters, Flanders’ Care,  J&J ...TBC    
  • 15h55 MOU Clusters: H Joos, P Simkens, P Cools, FlandersBio, DSPValley, FlandersDC (Cluster Directors)       
  • 16h00 Award Ceremony - Lessons Learned - L Apers & P Cools      
  • 16h30 Networking Reception