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The RUE AERO project is looking for a trainer

RUE AERO (Reaching Up to Excellence in Aerospace Cluster Management) stems from one of the Expressions of Interest for a European Strategic Cluster Partnership and seeks to bring about the means to give continuity to the above mentioned ECCP call. The project intends to support the further collaboration between the multiple aerospace clusters within Europe. Therefore it will strengthen the inter-cluster collaboration within the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP).

The partner organisations plan to exchange information about their current menu of services to SMEs. This collection of practices provides a pool of ideas to the project partners. This pool of ideas helps the partners to further their cluster management excellence by allowing them to pick the most transferable and best actions for individual (common if possible) implementation.
The project aims to foster excellence in regional cluster managements and to strengthen the European strategic partnership EACP as a whole. Exchanging content and management practices will lead to a better partnership infrastructure and activity level to the benefit of ALL partners.

This Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) has been prepared by the EACP for the purpose of inviting your organization and others to provide us with a trainer in the following section:


The training should be conducted for cluster managers in the field of Strategy for aerospace clusters (1-day Training including ALL EACP members – at least 20 participants). Demonstrate how clusters can work productively together within Europe, but also abroad to gain a benefit for their members having in mind that already on a European level there is a great diversity regarding the financial possibilities, public support, size, strategy etc. for all clusters. The training should include a slot of C2Cs focusing on relevant topics for aerospace cluster  managers (cluster profiles and RIS3 descriptions are available and can be integrated). The idea is to identify topics of joint interest. The training should enable the exchange and collection of knowledge and experience that might already be within this large network. Therefore the key asset of the trainer is the moderation skills to allow an open and active exchange between all participants.

Content description

The following points have to be addressed by the training:

1.    What kind of role and position could EACP take in technological and Innovation topics?

2.    What models of trans-technological cooperation are possible and recommendable for EACP to further develop the organisation from its current scope?

3.    How can outer European aerospace clusters and other partners of strategic and/or technological relevance be best integrated?

4.    Which topics are most relevant for EACP?

Output and timing

The output is mainly the realization of a 1-day-training along the above mentioned points on the 13th September in Niedersachsen, Germany. The training should stimulate a discussion and further the exchange of knowledge and best practices between the participants.

Besides conducting the workshop, the content has to be described in a Powerpoint presentation that can be disseminated within the network of the EACP and is self-explanatory for those who could not attend the training.

Procurement timetable

Please submit your signed tender via email in pdf format, no later than 25 August 2017, to: Anna Maaßen Anna.Maassen@hamburg-aviation.com

Please find more details on the tender here.


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