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ECCP Weekly Digest

Today we launched our new poll for the cluster community – take a second to let us know whether in your opinion a mobility scheme for cluster organisations and/or cluster members would ideally cover a period of time equal to a few days, up to a month or none of the options.

We have a première this week: all news published by cluster organisations comes from one country: Mexico! We congratulate Clúster de Energía Coahuila A.C for their initiative to generously share with the ECCP community interesting information about their activities.

It is now the time to introduce to you the Romanian Cluster Association, CLUSTERO, as the representative body of Romanian clusters and the main platform of cooperation, exchange of information and support towards the development of the national cluster landscape based on innovation and internationalization.

Clusters are continuously looking for collaboration opportunities! Please check our Partner Search page for more information. Or start publishing your own ideas for cooperation.


Your ECCP team