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2018-1 CEF ENERGY CALL (CEF-Energy-2018-1)

Adequate, well integrated and reliable energy networks are a prerequisite for a secure, sustainable and competitive internal energy market. The aim of the Connecting Europe Facility1 is to accelerate investment in the field of trans-European networks and to leverage funding from public and private sectors. While the bulk of the investment needed in the energy sector should be delivered by the market and its costs recovered through tariffs, EU financing may be needed for specific projects with wider regional and European benefits which are unable to attract market- based financing.

In this context and on the basis of the Multi-annual Work Programme adopted on 16 March 2018,2 a call for proposals is launched to support projects of common interest as defined in the TEN-E Regulation3 last amended by the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) C(2017) 7834 of 23 November 20174.


As indicated in section 3 of the Annex to the Multi-annual Work Programme, this call for proposals aims to enable projects of common interest to be prepared and implemented within the framework of the trans-European networks policy in the energy sector. In particular, the call shall contribute to supporting energy infrastructure projects of common interest that have significant societal benefits and that ensure greater solidarity among Member States, but which do not receive adequate financing from the market. Special focus shall be placed on the efficient use of public investment.

Furthermore, this call for proposals may also contribute to activities of Transmission System Operators (TSOs) promoting Project of Common Interest which are essential for their system to operate safely, securely (including cybersecurity) and efficiently. These activities may include digital solutions for the grid planning and implementation.


The indicative amount to be allocated on the basis of this call for proposals to projects of common interest in the field of trans-European energy infrastructure is €200 million.

Please find more on expected results, eligibility criteria, selection criteria and others here

Thursday, 26 April, 2018