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Call for Applications: Business2Business (B2B) Bootcamp

A pilot service offered by NearUS, the Horizon 2020 initiative supporting the creation of ENRICH - European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs – in the USA.

Call opened: October 5, 2017 | Call closes: December 5th, 2017 – 23h59 CET

NearUS, through partner - the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA, www.inbia.org) -  organizes two-week Boot Camps which start in Boston, and provides participants with perspectives on their market in other US regions as well. Those Boot Camps are available for 10 B2B defined individuals. All Boot Camp participants will start and end the program in Boston and engage in unique networking receptions which engage the local Boston innovation ecosystem’s experts, as well as an introductory course in “Conducting Business in the US”. In between, participants will be hosted by a Soft Landing sites in the US that offers programming/services themed to the various industry sectors.

In preparation for the Boot Camps, a two-day pre-departure workshop will be held in Brussels to prepare the participants to make the most of their two weeks in the US

Small to medium enterprises incorporated in the EU Member States or Associated Countries [1] that are post-revenue are welcome to apply.

NearUS is looking for competitive businesses incorporated in EU Member States or Associated Countries, that are ready for commercialization in the US and:

  • Already have an annual revenue of at least €100,000
  • The company should have some track record in their own markets, and where it has been tested that the solution/technology is ready and working
  • The company must also have at least one sales/business development executive identified.
  • The company must have some form of “tangible assets” – have secured at least one piece of intellectual property (either internally generated or licensed from another entity) and/or have an inventory of product.
  • The company should have a brick and mortar, established place of business where products/services are developed
  • A founder or individual with majority stake in the company is expected to participate in the Boot Camp. (The sales/business development executive who is/will be assigned to the US markets is highly recommended to attend as well.) 

Please find more information on the call, eligibility criteria, evaluation procedure and other call related details, here.

Contact Person

Andrea Wesser-Brawner

Tel: +1 407 3533 469, Ref. NearUS initative

E-Mail: awesser@inbia.org


Tuesday, 5 December, 2017