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EUREKA Multilateral call for projects: Advanced materials

Within the Eureka initiative, the call is based on mutual consent between the participating funding bodies: 

1. KIAT (South Korea),
2. FFG (Austria),
3. VLAIO (Flanders),
4. SPW Research (Wallonia),
5. NRC IRAP (Canada),
6. MEYS (Czech Republic),
7. IFD (Denmark),
8. BMBF (Germany),
9. NRDI Office (Hungary),
10. Ministry of Economy (Luxembourg),
11. Malta Enterprise (Malta),
12. CDTI (Spain),
13. Innovate UK (The United Kingdom),
14. Tubitak (Turkey)
Participants are invited to submit applied research and innovation project proposals in the field of advanced materials applied to the following thematic domains:
1) Semiconductors and Display
2) Secondary Batteries and Sensor Technology, including
 -  Energy Storage
3) Carbon Industry and Chemistry, including
-  Lightweight Materials, Composites and Recycle of Plastics
-  Nano Materials and Plastic materials
4) Machinery, Robots, and Metal Industry


Please find details on the call, eligibility criteria, fundable items, regional contact person, application process here. © EUREKA Association 2009


Tuesday, 30 June, 2020