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PRIMA call for proposal: Multi-topic 2018

PRIMA-IS is launching a call for research and innovation (RIA) proposals to mobilize the Euro-Mediterranean scientific communities, stakeholders and private entities and to support a wide range of research and innovation projects expected to produce a socio-economic impact in the near future.

Thematic Area:  Agro-Food value chain, Farming systems, Management of water

TopicTransnational call funded by Participating States

Type of action: Research and Innovation Action (RIA)

Total indicative amount allocated to this call: EUR 30 million

OPENING DATE: 6 February 2018

Deadline:  Stage 1 Pre-proposals – 27th March, 2018 (17:00h CET)  / Stage 2 Full proposals – 4th September, 2018 (17:00h CET)




Thematic area 1: Sustainable water management for arid and semi-arid Mediterranean area

Topic 1.1.1: Water resources availability and quality within catchments and aquifers

Topic 1.1.2: Sustainable, integrated water management.

Topic 1.1.3: Irrigation technologies and practices.

Thematic area 2: Sustainable farming systems under Mediterranean environmental constraints

Topic 1.2.1: Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change

Topic 1.2.2: Preventing and Controlling Emergence of Animal and Plant Diseases

Topic 1.2.3: Developing Farming Systems Able to Generate Income, to Create Employment and to Contribute to a Balanced Territorial Development

Thematic area 3: Mediterranean Food Value Chain for regional and local development

Topic 1.3.1: Valorising food products from traditional Mediterranean diet

Topic 1.3.2: Food Safety in local food chains

Topic 1.3.3: Implications of dietary shifts and sustainable diets for the Mediterranean populations and food industry

Please find more details on PRIMA initiative, this call, guidelines for applicants, application submission here.

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Tuesday, 27 March, 2018