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Deadline: 27/10/2020
FTI actions are encouraged to be interdisciplinary, cutting across different sector and technologies. Actions supporting innovative concepts that have the potential to disrupt or to create new markets are particularly welcome. Are you looking for partners that can help you with a fast go-to-market of an industry-driven, innovative concept that has strong potential to make your company grow and scale-up? Do you see co-creation or open innovation as ways to advance your innovation cycle and enter the market within three years? Are you looking for substantial funding to test, demonstrate and...
Deadline: 04/11/2020
Topic identifier: EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 The SME Instrument supports high-risk, high-potential small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and bring to market new products, services and business models that could drive economic growth. The SME Instrument is for innovators with ground-breaking concepts that could shape new markets or disrupt existing ones in Europe and worldwide. Proposals can be funded after a thorough evaluation by multinational panels of technology, business and finance experts. Selected companies receive funding and are offered business coaching to scale up their...