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Artificial intelligence and photonics applied to industry

noticia webinar AI & photonica en Industria 3

On 23 April 2020, secpho held the webinar “Artificial intelligence and photonics applied to industry” an occasion to know more about the technologies that make collaboration between machines and humans possible, the so-called Industry 5.0, with presentations from Tecnalia, ATRIA Innovation, Beamagine, BCB Informática y control, New Infrared Technologies, and Álava Ingenieros.

For those who did not have the opportunity to attend, you can retrieve it in the following videos:

Álex Turpin | secpho


Jose A. Gutiérrez | Vision Project manager at TecnaliaArtificial Vision: Deep Revolution.

Machine learning is leading us towards a new era of information processing in machine vision where the algorithms can directly make decisions and inform us about multiple variables of the systems inspected. See the video presentation here:


Elena Martínez | CEO at ATRIA InnovationMachine Learning Applications in the real industry.

Machine learning is impacting real industry applications such as stock detection and classification, identification of piece intruders, detection of defects in samples, or pattern recognition without libraries. See the video presentation here:


Santiago Royo | Business Development & Founder at BEAMAGINEHigh performance data fusion for 2D+3D applications in advanced robotics.

Machine learning algorithms can provide data fusion of advanced sensors to offer precise and multicomponent information of the position of objects in 3D. See the video presentation here:


Víctor Blanco | Business Development Manager at BCB Informática y ControlInfrared thermography, in and beyond Industry 4.0.

AI and data science are ideal to extract and integrate information from thermography sensors for analysis, monitoring, and surveillance in the industry. See the video presentation here:


Rodrigo Linares | Business Development Manager at New Infrared TechnologiesI3LASWELD, an innovative approach for laser welding QA based in deep learning.

The integration of machine learning-based monitoring algorithms with photonics and robotics provides high-quality laser welding processes. See the video presentation here:


Natalia Mira & Daniel Martínez | Álava IngenierosThe importance of data & Deep learning: Visible and IR Spectrum.

Deep learning offers fast, reliable, and unsupervised solutions for computer vision problems in hyperspectral, X-ray, and IR imaging. See the video presentation here:


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We look forward to seeing you at our next secpho webinar!