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Become a Member of the Working Group Clusters!

Are you a cluster and/or regional development expert? Interested in the development of the clusters and their role in the Danube Region? Then please consider applying for the membership in the Working Group Clusters & Regional Development which is one of the working groups established within EUSDR PA8 Competitiveness of Enterprises (=WG C&RD).

Background. Cluster initiatives are well-known approaches to support competitiveness and innovation of the private sector. However, although originally intended to also contribute to regional development, over the last years most cluster initiatives became more and more disconnected from regional development.  Recent studies in the Danube Region have shown that a dedicated interaction and mutual cooperation between regional developers and cluster initiatives is still an exception. Regional innovation strategies, if exist, are often not aligned with related cluster strategies.

Scope. Therefore, the focus shall be put on the good practices of how cluster initiatives and regions in the Danube Region successfully worked together to jointly support regional transformation and strengthening the competitiveness of companies. Attention shall be given on key success factors of the interplay between both, what are the tasks and responsibilities between cluster initiatives and regional developers and how this kind of cooperation shall be facilitated in the post-2020 ERDF area.

Objectives of the proposed WG activities.
1. To support further development of the clusters and related policy framework needed as the main backbone for maintaining of the sustainable and competitive business within the Danube region
2. To support PA8 Steering Group in the implementation of the planned activities of the PA8, foreseen for years 2017-2019, as indicated in a general way in the Application Form of the PA8 supported under Priority 4 (“Governance”) of the DTP
3. To successfully coordinate and implement the planned activities of the WGC as well as to initiate new activities and connections needed for further development of the clusters concept within the Danube region.

The applications will close on the 16th of September 2019.

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Meeting.  The meeting of the WG will take place on the 18th of September 2019, in Zagreb (Croatia).

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