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Branded Content as a communication strategy in the post covid era


"Alejandro Teodoro, Godó Group, gave us some keys on how to include this methodology in the communication of our company"


The concept of Branded Content is set out as a strategic communication tool that generates relevant content for our audience, with audiovisual impacts aligned with our values as a brand or company and that is integrated into different formats or media, based on the objectives of planning.

The Packaging Cluster, together with Clúster de l’Energia Eficient de  Catalunya and Clúster Foodservice, organized on September 18 a conference on this topic, Branded Content and how to communicate in the post-covid era, led by Alejandro TeodoroDirector of the Branded Content, Special Actions and Strategic Projects Unit of all media of the Godó Group.

The speaker, Alejandro Teodoro, invited attendees to make a series of reflections on the nature of advertising and the ack of relationship it seems to have with communication as it is currently proposed, since the ultimate objective of this is to sell, and communication is not that. Communication is much more.

Before sending a message, organizations would have to follow a few simple steps that go through detecting an opportunity, investing in it, studying the performance and putting the focus on what is important, people.

The key is to connect with our target, to tell creative and courageous stories that capture attention and that stand out among the many distractions we face every day: work, responsibilities, family, commitments ... And how do we connect with our audience? It is not an easy question to answer, but one of the first steps may be to put our brand on the back burner, since the important thing "is not who (referring to our company), but what", as Teodoro says. What we explaine so that we can inform our audience about issues relevant to their routine; How can we entertain so that we get them to evade all the problems, which are not few given the context; and how we educate from the objectivity, earning the credibility of our community.

The problem with Branded Content is that it is difficult to measure the return of campaigns, to know with real figures how our positioning has improved in terms of results, but it is part of what characterizes a Branding strategy, which focuses on the people, and not so much in the return.

This strategy is carried out by numerous renowned entities such as BBVA, and its section “Aprendemos Juntos”, where education and knowledge are brought together through high-level speakers who talk about all kinds of vital topics, such as science, creativity, nature or relationships; or Estrella Damm and its commitment to sustainability in its way of operating, as we have seen in the last campaign “Act III. Commitment".

If you want to see some of the examples that Alejandro Teodoro gave during the webinar, consult the recording of the webinar in the private part of the Packaging Cluster website, which is exclusively accessible to members of the entity.