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A Brazilian delegation from the agroindustrial sector visits CTC in Linz

The 17th of May a Brazilian delegation formed by 39 people specilized in the agroindustrial sector, visited Linz to learned about new energy solutions that they could implement in the Brazilian agriculture industry. In addition to a presentation about Renewable Energy in Upper Austria, covered by the partner of REINA PLUS ESCP CleanTech Cluster, three members of this cluster presented their company and technologies: Fronius, ÖkoFEN and Cona.​

The delegation attending the seminar is formed by presidents or senior officials of Unions and Farmer Associations and belong to a central organization that congregates all of them in the State of Paraná, Brazil. Besides, they are agroindustrial technicians that are seeking information on alternative energies for their properties in Brazil.

Also, it is their mission to bring this information to the members of their unions or agroindustrial associations. They wanted to learn how technologies are generated and applied in the various forms of alternative technologies (biogas, solar energy, other forms of energy generation). They also wanted information on the public policies and laws that govern these activities in Europe.

The different kind of agroindustrial sectors represented in the meeting were the following: grain and swine producer, grain and broiler, grain and cattle, grain and milk.