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C-Voucher closes its first open call

C-VoUCHER closes its first open call with 87 proposals willing to create circular economy solutions from 18 countries


  • 87 applications have been submitted in the verticals of Manufacturing, Agro-Food, Textile, Blue Growth and Health.
  • 12 SMEs will be invited to join C-VoUCHER Bootcamp in February 2019 and the 6 best projects will be selected to receive up to €60k in vouchers to create circularity solutions during a 9-month acceleration programme.
  • C-VoUCHER is the first pan-European initiative funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission that will distribute a total of €4.2M to SMEs adopting the concept of circular economy in order to reshape and redesign linear value chains into the circular ones.

C-VoUCHER is the first pan-European initiative, funded by the European Commission, adopting the concept of the circular economy to transform linear value chains (cradle to waste) towards circular models (cradle to cradle®). The first call of this initiative has closed with 87 proposals submitted out of a total of 333 started. The vertical attracting the majority of the applications has been Manufacturing (39), followed by Agro-Food (23), Textile (9), Blue Growth (6) and Health (3), plus 7 applications that were combinations of a few domains.

The highest concentration of participants was in France (22), followed by Denmark (11), Spain (9), Sweden (8), Romania (7), Italy (6), United Kingdom (5), The Netherlands (4), Poland (3), Lithuania (2), Ukraine (2), Germany (2), and others (5).

C-VoUCHER aims at boosting the circular economy in Europe by using design thinking methodologies and implementing new technologies. For that, the project will distribute a total of €4.2M to SMEs through 4 open calls for them to create and design circular solutions: new, circular products or services based on innovation and sustainable business models.

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