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Call for Communications on WATER & GEO-ENERGY


WANTED: Industrial Case Studies, Innovative Solutions, High TRL Research Results

on WATER related subjects applied to the GEO-ENERGY INDUSTRIES


The event – The International GeoEnergy Days in Pau, southwestern France, July 3-5, 2018: Exhibits, B2B Meetings, Conferences & Workshops, Business Tours, organized by POLE AVENIA

The INTERNATIONAL GEO-ENERGY DAYS are the first international event in France offering a unique opportunity to all participants to share skills and experiences, develop partnerships and grow business with and within the geo-energy industries (oil & gas, deep geothermal energy, geological storage + minerals & mining sustaining the energy transition).

The first 2018 edition will focus on WATER in the geo-energy industries (water resources for the industry, produced water management, surface & ground water protection, etc.)

Participants from ALL countries will be welcome, with the official guest country ( i.e. the country showcased in the conference program) being ALGERIA

The organizer – POLE AVENIA is the only Competitiveness Cluster in France dedicated to the Geo-Energy industries. POLE AVENIA's mission is to stimulate innovation, initiate collaborative research projects between industry & academia, help its members to grow, get more competitive and go international in order to create economic value & employment

The call – For the conference part of the event, focused on WATER IN THE GEO-ENERGY INDUSTRIES, the steering committee is seeking industrial and academic contributors wanting to present their case studies, innovative solutions and R&D efforts (with a focus on high TRL research, pilot studies, demonstration projects) on any of the following subjects:

  • Water in the geo-energy industries
    • What resources and what challenges for what uses of WATER in the geo-energy industries (upstream O&G, deep geothermal, geological storage, mining resources for the energy transition)?
  • What’s new in geoscience and water?
    • Risks related to water in the subsurface projects: assessment & management
    • Geoscience data and tools for water resource management (resource assessment, sustainable production and monitoring): hydrogeology, modeling, predictions
    • Evaluation of deep geothermal resources and potential interactions of their exploitation with other water bodies
    • Interactions of geological storage activities (CO2, H2, CH4, biogas) with ground and surface water
  • New trends in water treatment technologies
    • Water and EOR: advances in filtration and separation technologies
    • Water treatment and industrial cycling for re-use and/or reinjection
    • Quality and chemical compatibility assessment for re-injection water
    • Water and reservoir stimulation and treatment
    • Water additives for prevention of chemical and bacterial corrosion and fouling
  • Water management and the energy transition: toward new paradigms?
  • Produced water as a source of added value through co-production of energy (heat or power), and metals & minerals for the energy and digital transition (Li, Co, Be, etc.)
  • Optimization and synergies in water and energy management
  • Breakthrough approaches and technologies for cost reduction, climate and environmental impact minimization in water management in the geo-energy industries?

In any case, and in line with POLE AVENIA’s mission, the proposed contributions must set forth innovative solutions, new technologies or novel approaches, which is why priority will be given to presentations of pilot studies/experiments & demonstration projects as well as industrial case studies.

How to apply ? Applicants must send an abstract in PDF format with a maximum of 5000 characters or 2 pages with optional figures in A4 or letter format to [email protected] by 6 pm on March 15, 2018. The abstracts will clearly state the context, innovative aspects, results and potential for industrial applications of the presented technology, solution, novel approach, etc.

Call deadline 6 pm on March 15, 2018