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Call for tenders:“Training of TCE Cluster Managers 2017”

Within the framework of the TCE – Towards Cluster Excellence project, 4 clusters working in the energy technology and forest industry sectors improve and strengthen their cluster management practices aiming for cluster excellency and provision of top quality business services to the SMEs involved in the clusters.  The 4 clusters are:

  • Oy Merinova Ab (EnergyVaasa, Finland)
  • CEPV (Spain)
  • EnergyIn (Portugal)
  • Paper Province (Sweden).

TCE is financed within the COSME Cluster Excellence Programme (COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-04-02-1) launched by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). COSME is the EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The objective of the Clusters Excellence Programme is to strengthen cluster management to provide more professional business services to European SMEs and, as a result, to contribute to the development of more world-class clusters in the EU.

The objectives of the project are achieved, among other things, through benchmarking of the current cluster management practices, identification of gaps for improvement and necessary training needs, followed by specific training of cluster managers in the identified priority areas.

This call for tenders concerns the specific training for the cluster managers.

In this Call for Tenders, organisations providing relevant training in the selected areas are asked to submit bids for provision of the training.

The training will be implemented for a maximum of two persons per participating cluster during the period January – March 2017 for a maximum of 8 persons from the consortium.

More information on the TCE project is found on the links below:



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