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Cluster Competence Mapping: What is it from the perspective of Lower Austria?

All began in 2010 with the question of Lower Austrian Mechatronic Cluster:

„How can we systematically generate „innovation through collaboration“ projects in cooperation-averse industries like metal processing, mechanical engineering industry, automation ? 

Together with the consulting company IMG, the Lower Austrian Cluster developed a competence mapping tool that is based on the know-how of Harvard Business Review/ The core competence of corporation from CK Prahalad and Gary Hamel.

The process of performing competence mapping consists of several steps where:

- the problem-solving skills of an organisation are systematically analysed

- they are then described in an understandable way

- and eventually illustrated with applications within the current market (or potentially new markets).

Since 2011 over 90 organisations have gone through the competence mapping process resulting in over 850 business- and competence development ideas. Based on this impulses participating cluster and network managers were able to initiate numerous cooperation projects.

The objectives of clusters engaging with their members in the process of competence mapping are:

- to make competencies visible

- to identify growth opportunities for value generating networks 

- to get deep(er) insights in business models and underlying competencies of cluster members 

- to become involved in finding growth opportunity and needs for complementary competencies for high-level and complex matchmaking

- to create new strategic initiatives, to develop tailor-made support services and new cooperation projects based on the competence mapping results.

For more information on the developed methodology and its implementation in Lower Austria please see here or contact Simone Hagenauer at [email protected].