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CLUSTERIX 2.0 at the WIRE 2018 Conference

During the WIRE2018 conference held in Innsbruck 4-6 July 2018, the CLUSTERIX 2.0 project had the honour to co-organize a hosted-by session on clusters jointly with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

The session attracted a various mix of stakeholders interested to learn more about “Cluster Transforming Technologies and New Business Models”. It offered the right space for interesting presentations and discussions, around themes of high actuality, such as the creation of new industrial value chains through cross-cluster cooperation or the concept of S3 Synergies Diamond developed in the S3-4Alp Clusters project.

 For CLUSTERIX 2.0 it was however very important to have the opportunity to share in this context the learnings and experience gathered over the last 3 years of intensive collaboration:

Jonas Berholm, Business Developer Small and Medium-sized Companies at Region Skane in Sweden, shared examples of cross-cluster collaboration within Skane region and across-regions in the Greater Copenhagen region. He underlined the importance of interregional collaboration by involving both cluster policy makers and cluster managers in  a dialogue enabled by CLUSTERIX 2.0 and showcased a concrete example on further development of Monitoring and Evaluation approaches as an opportunity to steer and guide clusters successfully on long-term.

Another representative of the CLUSTERIX 2.0 partnership, Daniel Cosnita, President of the Romanian National Cluster Association, introduced learnings from the exchange of experience in the project, ranging from new tools to identify and foster cross-cluster collaboration potential (Competence Mapping) to very practical insights of cluster programme owners, such as how to deal with of in-kind contribution in the cluster-related projects.


For more information please contact the project coordinator, Simone Hagenauer at [email protected].