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Cosmetics4Wellbeing identity is taking shape

Communication and identity brand are two "must" in every project, especially for our projet, that aims to support and foster the internationalization of SMEs by creating a European consortium of cosmetics clusters. Each partner already had a strong identy on its terrory, and as we we are making progress in building a common european international startegy, common branding and communication materials needed to be sorted out. The three communication materials will be now displayed and largely handed out to players (clusters, SMEs...) interested or represneting an opportunity for our project. The first occasion of displaying them will be the Cosmetics Clusters Rendez-Vous next 18th of October in Paris, the place for clusters innovating in cosmetics all meet, at the occasion of Cosmetic 360 exhibition fair. 

>>The logo we have decided together is a nod to the chemical formulation and molecules, the multiple "points" represent the various players in the cosmetics sector. The whole, symbolized by the circle, evokes a global network connected, harmonious and moving. It is composed of 5 stratas from the central core referring to the five continents. The initial letter C of the project is highlighted.


>>Communication material adressed to our SMEs.
We'll be communicating on our program of actions directly to our SMEs though flyrers in all project lanaguages, for a more efficient and personalized communication. 
Dowload Cosmetics4Wellbeing flyers in English >>French>>, Spanish>>, Catalan>>, Portugese>>, Romanian >>

>> Roll up 
Roll ups in all project languages are also ready and handed out to each partners so they can promote Cosmetics4Wellbeing project in the everyday activities of their cluster.