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Discover everything that the members of the cluster have done to combat the coronavirus pandemic


In the more than two months that we have been in the alarm status decree, we have had to face various problems, both personally and professionally, to adapt to the requirements of the health, social and economic crisis. In this process we have discovered that, in moments of crisis, who stands up to the circumstances and who is committed to rowing all together, to save industry and society, stands out. And who has lived up to it? Every single one of the member companies of the Packaging Cluster.

The impact that COVID-19 has had and is having on member companies has depended on the market niche that its activity is focused on, because if its field of action is basic goods, the company will have collapsed by the considerable increase in demand. On the other hand, those organizations that have had to stop their production due to legal and sanitary restrictions are now in full search of innovative solutions that can make them emerge stronger from the situation. Even so, the collaboration and cooperation in the ecosystem of the cluster has been total, always taking into account the situation of each case.


Technology centers

Technology centers have been one of the main protagonists of the health crisis, thanks to the important work they have carried out in the investigation of new healthcare methods. Centers like Cic NanoGUNEComexiEurecat,  IQSIRTA or Leitat have carried out R&D projects in record time with surprising results such as: respirators created with 3D technology to serve ICUs throughout the community; research to get the vaccine or effective treatments with novel techniques; or the development of reusable masks with interchangeable filters.


Raw material and intermediary products 

Those companies that are dedicated to raw materials and intermediary products, within the packaging value chain, such as the members CarinsaDow ChemicalGalloplast (Unnox Group), Kao  ChimigrafLectaLubrizolSamtack and Trading Films, have also contributed their value to the community and its employees, protecting them from external agents and seeking their well-being with measures to support the worker. They have communicated how they face the situation from their company, what measures they have taken and the consequences for all the actors involved. The commitment they have shown is reflected in the actions they have carried out to supply sectors such as food, health, hygiene and logistics.


Machinery Manufacturers

The companies AranowE21 Design TechnologiesHamerLimitronicPosimat and Synaptik, have made their technologies and resources available to health and medical needs, as well as research. In this sense, machinery manufacturers have developed: prototypes of protection screens to ensure optimal security conditions, with 3D printers; improvements in the competitiveness of essential sectors, by supplying technologies for high levels of production; and they have offered all their services to improve the situation of pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, or any other healthcare institution involved.


Manufacturers of packaging and primary packaging

ArcasBuergofolCCL Label,  DecapulpDecopak  EuropDuniEmbalexEnplaterGráficas VariasIngo GroupIndustrial  BolseraIndustrias Plásticas TrianaIPE  Industria GráficaJuvasaKlöckner  PentaplastMenshen IberNG  PlasticsQuadpackRieussetTGBVirospack and Zobele  Group, are all companies dedicated to the manufacture of packaging and primary packaging in the Packaging Cluster. For their part, they have continued to work in one way or another to support the local economy, regardless of the pressure to which the situation is subject. The messages of struggle are numerous on their social networks, which motivates their environment to maintain a positive mindset at a time when the user consumes more content on social networks than ever. We see examples of fans and adapters for health centers; protective masks created with supplied material (film); advice and treatments for skin care, due to how abused it is; different plastic formulas as alternatives to fight the pandemic or donations to aid initiatives for the most vulnerable population.


Manufacturers of packaging and secondary packaging

Many of the packaging and secondary packaging manufacturers have had to reinvent themselves and redirect part of their production to electronic commerce and their requirements, maintaining sustainability in the process. For this, Public Administrations have been required to focus their policies in this regard, in the stimulation of the circular economy, with an environmental impact 0. The member companies Capsa  PackagingSaica PackDS SmithFont  PackagingHinojosa Packaging,  Inka Palet, Inprous and Packintubeare responsible for this approach to commitment to the environment, that 20,000 boxes with lots of food are distributed to those most affected by the health crisis and that they collaborate with numerous non-profit organizations that offer essential assistance.


Peripherals and line ends

As member companies of the cluster, which are peripheral and end of line, we find ABBBranson Emerson, E2MTEBKUKALubritecMacsa  idMettler  ToledoPacktum and Yaskawa. Some of the measures they have taken to combat the health crisis are: the transfer of knowledge through virtual sessions with renowned speakers; respect for the contentions imposed with teleworking and containment measures; coordinating with cluster members to carry out beneficial actions and fluid communication through novel platforms between their public and the company organization, to resolve any incident that may arise during confinement.


End user, brands and distributors

If we continue with end users, brands and distributors framed in the Packaging Cluster, we find: GoFruselvaMasterpackEncaja BioMultiembalajesNestlé and Saica Natur. Brands that have opted for collaborative actions with organizations such as the Red Cross, for the distribution of basic foodstuffs, or campaigns focused on the elderly, to accompany them in their solitude (keeping social distance) and make them the purchase or any message that they may need. Computer equipment has also been delivered to young people who could not access a computer to continue their classes normally, since the academic year continues electronically and not all students have the necessary resources to access telework accessories.



Logistics is of vital importance to manage a situation like the current one, since all the necessary means are needed to organize a company, service or distribution. In the Packaging Cluster we have companies as ClimesaComepackIclotetJ2  Servid and TM2, which have tried to stay active to continue the activity and supply their clients with caution and conscience. Its administrative teams have been able to continue working from home, since a physical presence is not required for the administration's management, but the technical team has been incorporated as allowed by the responsible authorities. Transportation is essential to complete the sales process and to get the product where it is needed so much.



Finally, there are transversal companies that operate in the cluster environment, such as 3D  ClickAmec  Envasgraf,  BrafimEco  Intelligent Growth, Enginyers  Industrials de CatalunyaRepaqGremi  Indústries GràfiquesPlumartisSchneider Electric and Tai Smart Factory, who have kept their service ready under the circumstances. The companies have presented measures to highlight the opportunities offered by the packaging sector in the economic fabric and an action plan to reactivate the production model. Another of the actions that one of the cross-cutting companies has developed is the personalized advice of its teams of consultants in terms of rules and regulations to follow and contingency plans. It is worth mentioning the distribution of protective visors and the creation of all kinds of sanitary material by our members, in support of the sanitary team.


New additions

Fortunately, year by year we are growing in the number of associated entities and this 2020 could not be otherwise, right now we are 89. The new additions this year to the cluster are: AIS Vision  SystemsConcentrolEurofinsFueliumi3D  eco packaging ideasLeca  Graphics and Venture. All these entities share the same values as the cluster and the companies that comprise it, to make their services available to people and to use the cluster as a fundamental tool to achieve all of its objectives in the fight with COVID-19.

The only thing we can add is a sincere thanks for all the contributions they have made to society. We will continue to work together to join efforts and enhance the impact of all the initiatives that are carried out. We keep working.