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ECCA partnership agreement

European Circular Construction Alliance is a voluntary, open alliance of complementary clusters and supporting organizations (meta cluster) interested for inter- cluster, cross boarder and cross sectoral collaboration adopting circular economy for internationalization and global competitiveness of European SMEs in building and construction.

The alliance has been initiated within the “European Circular Construction Alliance - Adopting Circular Economy for internationalization and global competitiveness of European SMEs in Building and Construction”, EU COSME supported project, Grant Agreement 690364 (short “ECCA COSME project”).

ECCA partnership agreement is a constitutive document for the European Circular Construction Alliance. It defines the vision and objectives of the alliance as ESCP-4i partership, the governance structure, framework modalities of collaboration and communication between ECCA partners and to external partners, stakeholders and audiences,  work programme, activities and services, ECCA financing, and outline of the long term cooperation agenda. The latest will be updated at the end of the ECCA COSME project, as a final outcome. 

Application forms for ECCA partners, and ECCA supporting organizations are attached, to simplify the process of entering new partners to ESCP-4i.


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