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ECCA survey on clusters` Circular Construction portfolio

ECCA survey on clusters` Circular Construction portfolio

European Circular Construction Alliance (ECCA) aims to prepare internationalization strategy and roadmap of activities based on existing interest and competences of clusters and cluster/network`s members (SMEs), and by mapping internationalization opportunities for existing or novel Circular Construction solutions identified within the whole ECCA alliance. ECCA is an open initiative and the terms of ECCA organization and procedure to join (e.g. become ECCA partner or supporting organization) are described in the ECCA partnership agreement. See ECCA web site (http://circularconstruction.eu/documents)  for more.

The key strategic approach is planned to be the internationalization of European, inter-cluster groups/consortia of organizations (SME plus supporting organizations) offering particular circular construction solutions within the building value chain.

To proceed with these activities, ECCA partners` (e.g. clusters/networks`) Circular Construction profiles have to be mapped (Part 1), and particular profiles of their members (Part 2). Additionally, first suggestions for European, inter-cluster circular economy solutions are to be drafted (Part 3). ECCA supporting organizations are invited to prepare their profile (Part 2) and optionally Circular Construction solution (Part 3).

The questionnaire with instruction can be downloaded from ECCA web site http://circularconstruction.eu/documents.

Please respond to this survey by 23rd of December in order to present the results at the 1st ECCA General Assembly meeting and conference which will be held on 11-12 of January 2017. The first workshops of ECCA inter-cluster groups will be implemented on the conference.

Thank you for your contributions.

Best regards,

Vladimir Gumilar, ECCA project coordinator