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ECCA survey on thematic areas of circular construction and on interest for collaboration

Dear clusters The ambition of  ECCA project is to develop a strong alliance in the area of circular construction with key European actors for the adoption of the circular approach in construction business practice. With regard to this and as clusters are the core of this partnership we would like to kindly invite you to join the ECCA Alliance. Other organisations (SMEs, RTDs, public actors) can join as associated members. This is a general statement of interest, based on the appreciation of the potential of the ECCA project and interest in its results.  Please note that this is neither legally nor financially binding commitment. Nevertheless by communicating your statement you express an interest to join the open Alliance and your willingness in collaboration in the framework of this project. That is to provide feedback in order to successfully implement the Alliance and establish long-term cooperation agenda in Europe.

What kind of activities is foreseen and how can your cluster benefit? In order to develop long-term cooperation agenda, several activities are foreseen in the project including identification of thematic areas around the construction of key importance for the facilitation of transition towards a circular economy, identification of strategic partners to join the Alliance, official set-up and the organisation of the partnership. Your members can benefit from i.e. technology transfer, new business models development and value chain collaboration, joint worldwide promotion, communication and marketing, and co-development with clusters and SMEs from third countries. International brokerage events and other internationalization activities will be planned and implemented as this is the main aim of the ECCA project.

Should you be interested in this initiative as a first step please complete this short survey provided with the link bellow to let us know about your interest, on thematic areas of circular construction and direct contact data. It will take only up to 15 minutes of your precious time to complete the survey. Please complete it by Thursday noon, 30th of June.

ECCA survey on thematic areas and statement of interest (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/27WFH9M)

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Your sincerely, Vladimir Gumilar, ECCA Coordinator