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Economic Rescue Kit

The coronavirus crisis affects us all, which is why we consider of high importance to be united, do everything we can to contribute to ease the situation and provide a reliable source of information.

In this context, Transilvania IT Cluster, together with its partners, has developed a list, more specifically an economic rescue kit for its members and other interested companies, containing a series of useful links, with information on legislative measures, safe sources of information, donation platforms, as well as other initiatives.  Those interested can find this list here. In addition, information our members and collaborators find useful, will be added regularly.

As part of the digital seniors projects, we have also organized a campaign to inform and advise seniors, using various social networks, to stay indoors and to protect themselves. If they require help, we have encouraged them  to ask for assistance.

To help the business environment, together with Iceberg, Transilvania IT Cluster created an online barometer, meant to gather as much information as possible about the problems faced by entrepreneurs during this period, in order to identify the best solutions for their business.

Each of our members was encouraged to call Transylvania IT Cluster, both for help and counseling. This invitation remains open throughout this very difficult period.