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Energy in Water ESCP-4i Elevator Pitch for SME

Energy in Water ESCP-4i is organising an elevator-pitch competition during SMAGUA 2017 exhibition to disseminate innovative products or projects (ideally TRL8 – TRL9 ) that tackle water and energy issues in the urban/agricultural/industrial sector. EnW ESCP-4i, formed by seven European clusters working across water and energy sectors, will be celebrating its 3rd mission at SMAGUA 2017 water and irrigation exhibition and the partnership wishes to showcase, disseminate and internationalise "watergy" innovations through this elevator pitch competition, that will gather together case studies on innovative solutions by its SME.

The winner of the elevator pitch will have the opportunity to participate in AQUATECH 2017 (Amsterdam, 31st October – 3rd November 2017) with the EnW delegation and showcase their project/technology during a workshop organized by the EnW team (full expenses covered). Energy in Water is formed by more than 200 memberes, mostly SMEs. 

Who can participate?

SME from cluster members of AVAESEN (Spain), CD2E (France), CLEAN (Denmark), EA Ecoentreprises (France), The Water Cluster (UK), Water alliance (The Netherlands), ZINNAE (Spain), are invited to participate by completing the following form.

How can I participate?

  1. Step 1. All case studies received will be published at Energy in Water Portal.
  2. Step 2. Selection of Five best examples by EnW ESCP-4i Clusters
  3. Step 3. These examples will be presented in the Elevator Pitch during Smagua 2017 (March 9th 2017). Presentations will be made based in Pecha Kucha style. A jury of external evaluators will select the most promising and innovative solution presented. Presentations should be sent to the organization team no later than March 6th (Power point presentations, 20 slides maximum)
  4. Step 4. The elevator pitch winner will join EnW delegation at AQUATECH Amsterdam 2017.

All proposals will be evaluated against two criteria:

  • • Impact of the Solution presented
  • • Quality of the presentation

Calendar Deadline for applications: 10/02/17 through this link.

Selection of five greatest examples: 15/02/17

Elevator Pitch: 09/03/17 at SMAGUA 2017

Join the competition!

- See more at EnW ESCP-4i website.