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Fighting against senior frailty with FRAIL European project

The FRAIL Project is a European-funded initiative supported by EIT Health. It aims to develop a smartwatch app that supports pre-frail or frail elderly individuals. The app will monitor for falls, level of physical activity and interruption of routine activities, to help detect the onset of frailty and to prevent its consequences among the wearers.

A consortium of excellence to achieve a major challenge

FRAIL project is supported by a consortium of recognized academic and technical partners: Technical University of Munich, Qolware, MADoPA, imec and Cap Digital

More than 14 Million Europeans suffer from Frailty: decline in lean body mass, strength, endurance, balance, walking performance and low activities. With FRAIL project and the LOLA app developments, the fifth partners expected to engage thousands and thousands of European elderly citizens in protecting their health, increasing autonomy and bringing quality of life.

The FRAIL smart-watch app fits perfectly among the latest innovations in the predictive and personalised medicine market. The app’s main goal is to detect early onset frailty and minimise its negative consequences. The app will monitor three key aspects:

  • fall risk
  • physical activity indicators
  • activities of daily living

Find more information on the project here.