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FIT4FoF project website online

FIT4FoF project aims at addressing workers’ needs, analysing technology trends across 6 industrial areas of robotics, additive manufacturing, mechatronics/machine automation, data analytics, cybersecurity and human machine interaction, to define new job profiles, which will inform education and training requirements. Please, visit our new website.

One of the most relevant aspects is that this consortium will identify at least 100 new profiles in the factory of the future in six technological areas: additive manufacturing, robotics (and cobots), mechatronics and machine automation, data analytics, cybersecurity and human machine interaction (HMI).

Europe faces considerable challenges in addressing future skills needs. The increased introduction of technologies and the digital transformation of industry is leading to rapid growth in automation. Increasing globalization in manufacturing also introduces requirements for workers' to acquire new skills in terms of teamwork, intercultural and linguistic skills, and the need to deal with shorter lead times and more complex problems.. Growing gaps in knowledge and experience make it increasingly difficult to adapt, work proactively and contribute to innovation. 


The main objective of the European FIT4FoF project is to analyze current skills initiatives to identify the needs of workers, examining technological trends in the six technological areas mentioned above to identify and define 100 new job profiles in the factory of the future to serve as the basis for education and training requirements. The project will develop a new education and training framework that places workers (women and men) at the center of a co-design and development process, recognizing and addressing skills needs. FIT4FoF will empower workers to be the driving force behind the design, development and delivery of their own development programmes, always from a European perspective.