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Fourth Steering Committee meeting in Lisbon

The fourth steering committee meeting was held in Lisbon, 29th June 2017. The 29th afternoon and the 30th of June all the partners spent the day doing technical visits to leading Portuguese research centers, companies and universities in different sectors such as Smart Grids, solar PV and CSP and Energy Storage.

The Fourth Steering Committee Meeting of the REINA PLUS project was co-organized and hosted by EnergyIN. The meeting was attended by 8 participants from the 4 Energy Clusters comprising the REINA PLUS partnership. The main objective of the meeting of 29th June was to assess the project progress, including the Reina PLUS activities and actions carried out to date, and to plan the next activities to be carried out in the last semester of the project.

After the consortium meeting, we visited EDP's laboratory dedicated to Smart Grids, called LABELEC. In these facilities they explained their projects in different areas of the sector and showed us their specialized laboratories in the certification of oils for transformers, research in HVDC and research in Smart Meters.

The visit to the city of Évora was focused on the showroom of the project Inovgrid (project to deploy an Intelligent Network in the Portuguese city), where they explained the tests carried out in Évora, as well as the deployment of the project and the installation of Smart Meters in the rest of Portugal. We were also able to visit the different locations around Evora where several pilot projects are being carried out (mostly led by the University of Évora) in the energy storage, photovoltaic and CSP sectors. Of great interest was the connection of photovoltaic projects with energy storage through a deployment of smart grids and the testing area being built for the CSP sector.