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How to organize a hackathon?

A comparatively low technology adoption level in manufacturing industries leads to a loss of efficiency and competitiveness, hence innovative and practical approaches towards industry digitalisation have to be used to change the tendency. DIGICLUSTERS is a novel European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) for smart specialisation investments and industrial modernisation of agrofood and packaging sectors introducing the pioneer concept of Cluster-Facilitated X-Industry Hackathons to foster Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

The hackathons are widely known events in the startup environment and are recognised for their ability to bring people with various skills together to solve business problems in a concrete period of time. Using their facilitator role, the clusters can provide an experimental ground for the companies to generate new product ideas and build new business partnerships.

Therefore, the Cluster-Facilitated X-industry Hackathons bring IT and electronics companies and agrofood and connected industries together, encouraging them to jointly discover and match the needs and solutions, boost new investment projects in common smart specialisation priority areas and empower the cross-sectoral innovations linked to industrial modernisation.

Now you can organise Cluster Facilitated Cross-industry Hackathon with know-how of DIGICLUSTERS! In this handbook the notions of the DIGICLUSTERS are explained, including the partnership work principles, the hackathon model and study cases. In addition, a DIY of the international X-industry hackathon is showcased for other clusters, NGOs and business organisations to follow the lead and learn from the experience.

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