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Imse-Vimse: Ecofriendly clothes for children and women

With the vision that sustainable consumption should be the norm, not the exception, Imse-Vimse designs eco-friendly clothes and products for children and women worldwide. 



The Imse-Vimse story started 30 years ago. The founder and owner, Marie Wallenberg was looking for a cure for her daughter’s diaper rash. One day she found the soothing magic of cloth diapering. Just like that, her daughter’s painful rash disappeared.

Marie then realized she had a new problem – at the time, cloth diapers were difficult to find. Wanting to give her daughter the best care possible, Marie founded a diaper company that would fill a market void and help people like her who were looking for healthy and eco-friendly care for their babies.

Marie spent the next three decades perfecting and constantly expanding the range of eco-friendly textile products while maintaining a solid business core:  to create good products that matter and make a difference in the world...

This is a story of one of our SMEs in the acceleration programme. C-VoUCHER is proudly supporting the company making a difference in the textile world.

To read the complete story and watch an accompanying video follow this link.